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The Academy aspires to instil the coaching values to all its graduates and ensure that all coaching competencies as defined by the ICF and the EMCC have been mastered in relevance to the course of study chosen.

Founded in 2009, Coaching Evolution International, was a small private entity that provided coaching to single individuals and small group training using a coach approach. In 2010, it accepted a collaboration on an educational level and that was the beginning of the pursuit of excellence in coach training. In 2013, Coaching Evolution Int’l acquired its own educational department and soon its own students starting graduating. The Academy become the first coach training entity locally to author a coaching programme that was accredited with the EQA at Practitioner Level by the EMCC (http://www.emccouncil.org/).

Since then, we have modified and enhanced our programme with a number of features that allow it to attract more and more students from all walks of life and every corner of the world who wish to either develop themselves, their business or become professional coaches.

One thing we are very proud of and that is the high standards we have at the Academy. We expect a lot from our students because we do not take coaching lightly. The courses are intense and demand intellectual effort and discipline, internal change and efficient performance as coaches even during their studies. Our motto supports this: “be ready to make your change within a year, because your clients will expect you to help them make a change within three weeks!”.

Our Director of Academic Services

drs. Anita van Vlerken
(MCC by ICF; Master practitioner by EMCC)

Anita van Vlerken (1955), originally a social scientist and educator, has been active since 1995 in coaching. She is the founder of the Association for Coaching. Previously she worked as a teacher in secondary and vocational education as a student counsellor at the University of Groningen. She gained her management experience as Director of an organisation for Social Services. In addition, she was twelve years as a member of the Board of Rabobank Surveillance, including six years as chairman.

Anita is fascinated by the question of how people learn. She has also experienced that the theory is often dry and it costs if there are no interactions with practice. But only experience is also not enough.  In essence, it all has to do with the ability to establish a connection between the two. Translating the theory into practice and above all reflecting on your experience ensures that you can learn something. Based on your reflection you are able to adapt your behaviour, broaden your horizons and become a better person and a better professional.

A note from our Founder – Pamela Caravas

I was born in Australia, but completed secondary school in Greece. I hold a Postgraduate Degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages from Aston University, Birmingham.

I have lived in Australia, London, Lebanon, the Netherlands and have been also enjoying the beauties of Greek nature throughout the years.

I am a 10km runner, a table tennis finalist and a keen traveller.

For many years I delivered empowering and purposeful teaching to young children and Business English tutoring to top company executives.

I am an executive coach and coach assessor specialising in instilling awareness and inner strength to those around me who seek it. Through my “drilling” and challenging coaching I facilitate change by creating an initial profile of my clients and then by helping them tune into their needs, talents and skills. My coaching intervention challenges them to face the music, evolve in a targeted and effective manner, and develop the necessary daily thought patterns to design and implement their personal and professional decisions and turn them into successes.

My coaching assignments and contracts through my British- based company, Coaching Evolution Int'l, has added a breadth of experience to my work since I have travelled to culturally diverse sites such as Venice, Tunisia, Morocco (Casablanca), Algeria (Oran), Istanbul, and the Netherlands (Amsterdam).

My profound interest in the effectiveness of coaching has turned me into a prolific designer of coaching proagrammes and tailor-made coach training events, while positive outcomes during the assignments have led to the creation of the company's highly effective coaching method: Explore, Sculpt, Paint©

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